Since 1962 our company has more than 50 years of experience in the processing of plastics for the construction industry.

From home to office, from the factory to the sports center and in our free time, PVC is present in virtually all sectors of human activity.

So.L.A.T. srl studies and realizes always new and current products, Technologically Advanced.

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Resistence, Reliability, No Noise

Technology, Elegance, Design

Reliability, High Space Optimization

Elegance, Design, Adaptability

At the moment, So.L.A.T. offers a wide range of Technologically Advanced Pvc Products both in design and in ease of installation: the traditional Pvc Roll Shutters, of which So.L.A.T. is one of the leading producers of the most modern wall coverings, the most versatile Dividing Walls, the technological Ceiling Boards with the high insulating power, the Folding Doors that lead to the optimization of space.


From the home to the office, from the factory to the sports and leisure centers; PVC is present in all sectors of human activity. In fact, PVC is one of the Most Versatile thermoplastic resins in the World, with more uses than any other plastic.

PVC is versatile, hygienic and economical and has many positive aspects.

  • DURABLE: thanks to is exceptional characteristics of strength and solidity, PVC is utilized for applications that will last for decades.
  • VERSATILE: PVC can be rigid or flexible and can undergo various types of handling, which makes it suitable for a wide range of uses.
  • SAFE and HYGIENIC: PVC helps to safeguard our health. Furthermore, PVC is not easily inflammable and therefore reduces the danger of fire.
  • INNOVATIVE:PVC is always highly adaptable to different needs and environments and will continue to be increasingly so thanks to the development potential of its properties
  • ECONOMICAL: PVC is in itself a low-cost material, and this further increases its advantages.

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