The shutter is an external closure that helps to determine the style of the facade of a building.
Usually made of wood, aluminum and iron materials, with big values but also by large defects.
Wood provides excellent thermal insulation, but needs a continuous and expensive maintenance;'aluminum and iron have excellent resistance but have a high thermal transmittance.

For this reason Solat studied a shutter made entirely with PVC profiles.
With the experience of over 50 years of plastic extrusion, Solat developed a series of profiles that allow the creation of shutters:

  • robust, thanks to the inclusion of tubular steel;
  • weather resistant, salt and smog;
  • without any need for maintenance over the years;
  • high insulating thanks to the low thermal conductivity of PVC that allows you to have a fresh darkening in the summer and a good thermal insulation in the winter;
  • wide range of shapes and colors which facilitates compliance with any architectural requirement.

PVC Shutters

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