Solat - Manufacturer of PVC solutions


So.LAT is a PVC solutions worldwide supplier.
We work for builders, constructors, architects, designers.

So.L.A.T. s
tarted its experience in 1962 as a producer of pvc shutters: from that date the company has consolidated its experience in the extrusion of plastic materials.

This experience, in addition to the technology used and the most modern production processes, have made the firm a leader in both the national and international markets.

At the moment, So.L.A.T. offers a wide range of technologically advanced pvc products both in design and in ease of installation: the traditional pvc roll shutters, of which So.L.A.T. is one of the leading producers in the national market, the most modern wall coverings, the most versatile dividing walls, technological ceiling boards with high insulating power, folding doors that lead to optimisation of space, technical doors and panels for public environments.

So.L.A.T. has always paid a lot of attention to its products both in quality and most of all in security, submitting them to thorough laboratory tests and obtaining for each of them a "Class 1 certificate" in reaction to fire breakout.

An extensive commercial network, technical competence and specialized installers have permitted So.l.a.t. to guarantee high quality service in the entire national territory.

Since 1962 our company has more than 50 years of experience in the processing of plastic materials.

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